A collection of some of my favorite photographs I made in the year of a lord 2013.

[for previous years]

Sleepy Hollow, NY.
City life / W. 22nd street. NYC.
Bennett School for Girls in Millbrook, NY
st. johns cemetery, Queens NY.
st. johns cemetery, Queens NY.
st. johns cemetery, Queens NY.
st. johns cemetery, Queens NY.
Catskills, NY.
Catskills, NY.
Huron River, Ann Arbor, MI.
Catskills, NY.
Wassums Orchard, Ypsilanti, MI.
The Irish Hills, MI.
Nice Hooves / Golden Torso - split 7", No rest until ruin records, Brooklyn NY.
Golden Torso / Nice Hooves - split 7", No rest until ruin records, Brooklyn NY.
FAT AXL, with Toby Trier and Geri Lynn Daniel (RIP girl) LES NYC.
That Handsome Devil with Kendra Morris, LES NYC.
Solid Dudes Kitchen with David Graw and Derek Swanson, LES NYC.
Lalo Yunda, his apartment, Williamsburg NY.
Godforbid, That Handsome Devil, LES NYC.
Neofotistos Wedding, Flint MI.
Kay Wedding, Detroit MI.
Sean Hoen, his apartment, Brooklyn NY.
Christine Hoberg, NYC.
Hilary J. Corts, NYC.
Michaela Morgan, NYC.
Rebecca Tylor, NYC.
Meridith Nicholaev, NYC.
Toby Trier, NYC.
Elisha Marie Del Santos, NYC.
Eric Hardin, NYC.
Amy Campbell
Angela Nacol
Allison Davis, NYC.
Arthur Shepard, NYC.
The Giretti's, NYC.
Cheap Girls, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
Eyehategod, The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY.
Floor, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
Heaven. Bowery Ballroom, NYC.
Nice Hooves, Ferndale, MI.
Tiger Flowers, with Jesse Madre.
Title Fight, Shirts for a Cure boat cruise. NYC.
WATAIN, Irving Plaza, NYC.
Phil Anselmo, Down, Emos, Austin TX.
Eyehategod, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
Derek, Get Invovled, St. Vitus, Greenpoint, NY.
Geoff RIckly, United Nations, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
Buffay, Woodruffs, Ypsilanti, MI.
David Graw, Nice Hooves, Ferndale, MI.
Cam Pipes, 3 Inches of Blood, St. Vitus, Greenpoint, NY.
John Tardy, Obituary, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
J Robbins, Cake Shop, NYC.
Andrew Low, The Jazz June, Brooklyn, NY.
Primitive Weapons, St. Vitus, Brooklyn NY.
Girls Against Boys feat. David Yow, Bowery Ballroom, NYC.
Mike Patton, Tomahawk, Best Buy Theatre, NYC.
Michael Durgan, Golden Torso, Ferndale, MI.
Massimo Morante, GOLBIN, Emos, Austin TX.
Matt Pike, High on Fire, Webster Hall, NYC.
Nate Newton, Doomriders, Webster Hall, NYC.
Bjarte Lund Rolland, Kvelertak, Webster Hall, NYC.
Steve Karp, Yuppicide, House of Vans, Brooklyn, NY.
Buzz, The Melvins, Emos, Austin TX.
Eyehategod, The Acheron, Brooklyn NY.
Nightmare Air, Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY.
Carcass, St. Vitus, Brooklyn NY.
GOBLIN performing the "Suspiria" Soundtrack, Emos, Austin TX.
Knapsack, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY.
DJ Assault, Woodruffs, Ypsilanti, MI.
Rick Froberg, The Obits, Ferndale, MI.
Buzz Osborn, The Melvins, Emos, Austin TX.
Steve Austin, Today is the day, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.
Sammy Duet, Goatwhore, St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY.